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Time for Change

Top Policy Goals:

Pro-Life/Pro-Medical Freedom- Infanticide, the second time America has not lived up to its ideals! /Genocide-the more you inject, the more you infect!

GOP Reform - Simple, do as you say on the campaign trail or find a new career! 

Term Limits - Support for but not pledged to! 

Balanced Budget (first) and National Debt (after) - No more printing press!

School Choice - No American child should be subjected to "failing" schools!

2nd Amendment - Shall Not Be Infringed.....Questions? 

Civil Liberties - Freedom of speech, religion, and assembly protected by the second amendment! Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness= equal access to jobs, security, education, justice, energy, and housing!


Big Tech - Start with ending Section 230 protection!

Election Integrity - The 2020 Election can never be repeated! The 2022 Election can never be repeated! the 2024 Election can never be repeated! the 2026 Elecetion can never be...

AmericaNs First - Immigration, crime, foreign and economic policy, rewarding our friends and punishing our enemies!  

Team Truth/Reality- John 8:32- Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

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