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"It is time for a new Republican Party. It is time we hold conservative leaders to new expectations.... All Republicans that have proven themselves cowards in the face of tyranny — or worse, tyrannical themselves like Max Miller has — should be voted out of office."

-Lizzie Marbach -


Fighting for What We Believe In. Together.

A RONIN was a Samurai warrior without a lord or master.  That is the message we will send to the Republican party.  We do not need you. You need us!  It is past time for REAL conservatives to unchain themselves from the forced allegiance to the Republican party.  We have options. We will make options. We will weed through the confusion of the primaries. We will hold elected politicians accountable for their votes, and push for REAL conservatism. OR, offer the GOP,  Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD).  


What is MAD?  As revolting as it may be, we will vote for a democrat in a general election to prevent another Republican in Name Only (RINO) from taking office.  Why?  Because there is no difference between the RINOs and the democrats.  Planned Parenthood gets the same amount of federal money no matter who is in charge. Term Limits are a forgotten idea. Balanced budgets and debt aren't even a discussion. Federal concealed carry, regardless of state, hasn't even been addressed. School choice.....what is that? Immigration, judicial reform, religious freedom, and destroying the big tech monopolies…… Something has to change and will via RONIN!  


We will offer both a political sub-party and a Political Action Committee.  The sub-party will organize/recruit candidates, educate the electorate, and provide the ground game for victory. The PAC will advocate for RONIN primary nominees. We will only support worthy candidates AND will hold them accountable for how they vote in Washington D.C.!


Who am I?  I am not a millionaire, don’t own a yacht, have never had dinner at the “French Laundry,” and never met a K-street consultant or lobbyist.  I am a military vet (10 years USAF, 4 deployments), a constitutional conservative that loves our country and willing to partner with my fellow conservatives to make the change that is long overdue.  It didn’t take me 68 years to realize I was a conservative, all it took was me opening my first paycheck (at 14yrs old) and seeing how much the government stole from me.  Despite monumental disappointment, I have been a registered Republican since I was 18.  


May the Lord bless this endeavor and shine his favor on the righteous!

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